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Amazon Fresh Logistics Management, an innovative strategy changing the landscape of retail market

With emerging technology trends, retailers are also deploying different ways and strategies to ensure seamless shopping experience to their clients. One company that has shown immense boldness in leveraging new technology is the retail giant Amazon. Amazon Fresh Logistics Management by the retail giant was indeed a great move and a step towards becoming a leader in the logistics industry as well. 


Amazon logistics is a standard shipping and delivery service developed to help the existing third-party providers like UPS, USPS, and FedEx. In order to stay in the market, the team at Advatix has constantly upgraded themselves with the latest strategies while keeping the needs of the customers at the forefront.  We have warehouses at different locations, so we guarantee you timely delivery of all the products at the right location and at the right time. We also one of the top market leaders in developing customized Logistics Management Amazon operational models that are most appropriate with your various business domains. 


We develop standard operating models to ensure efficient and reliable working of all your business procedures. Our team of experts has a complete understanding of the latest tools and models, thus promising simple solutions to the most operational challenges. Our supply chain and logistics department are highly talented to develop extensive management software that can be easily integrated across different supply chain entities. These tailor made software applications promise you improved visibility and accountability. Over the years, Advatix has earned an esteemed reputation for delivering quick problem-solving in the Amazon Logistics Department

Advatix – world’s leading Omnichannel Supply Chainmanagement company

Advatix – an Omnichannel Supply Chain transformation experts. If you are running a business where you have to export or import the goods/products, then Advatix is a perfect logistic company. We help aim on helping our clienteles to transform their operating services and become a top enterprise in the market. We offer a one-stop solution for all your supply chain needs and help to reduce the logistics cost substantially. We also assist you to improve your service levels. Assessment, planning, implementation and results – are the main working structure of Advatix. We help you to win new contracts and scale up to exceed the customer’s trust. 

We try to find different and unique ways to implement various aspects of Amazon Supply Chain Process on a regular basis. Advatix and team promise to deliver accurate service to each client with the same dedication and hard work. Advatix offers ship methods and policies, logistics technology platform, tracking – visibility – flexibility of the products while delivering, ship audit services and many more. Apart from these services, we also guide you about cost estimation, negotiations and implementing the plan of action. Advatix also assures to manage the different aspects of supply chain management services like warehousing, transportation goods without damaging, third party logistics etc. 

To keep your supply chain, you need a strong approach and long term design and our team of Advatix assists you to plan all these long term plans. Based in Los Angeles, Advatix is a famous company with Amazon Logistics Department. So, if you want great returns on your investment, then meet our experts now!!!

Advatix, a global provider of Logistics and Supply Chain Management solutions

Based in Westlake Village, CA – Advatix is one of the world famous providers of Logistics and Supply Chain Management solutions. Founded by Manish Kapoor, Advatix has come a long way from the day of its establishment and now serves clients in the US, Latin America, and Asia. The company also operates a technology hub in New Delhi, India. Established with an aim to help companies transform their fulfilment and logistics operations at a rocket speed and to reduce the labor expenses – Advatix is a foremost name in the global market when it comes to delivering innovative logistics solutions.


Advatix with its talented team of professionals is in constant research to come with improved ways to seamlessly automate various operations of the supply chain that includes transportation company, third party logistics, warehouses and many more. As a lead Supply Chain Management provider, the team at Advatix thrive to offer high quality logistics services that are in sync with the current operational models so that companies are able to achieve financial milestones in the long term. Above all, the prime mission of Advatix is to deliver the products at the right time to the right customer and at the right location. A supply chain is a crucial aspect for any e-commerce company, therefore, maintaining it firmly requires a strategic approach and long term design. This is where Advatix steps in.


Advatix with its innovative and efficient operational models help you overcome all the biggest hurdles related to supply chain and help you establish a balanced system. Furthermore, to overcome all these difficulties and achieve the targeted goals, Advatix has introduced improved ways of running the business through Omni Channel Marketing.

Advatix, a well-established firm delivering world class retail supply chain services

The success of a business is mostly dependent on its strategies of logistics and supply chain management. Amazon is a perfect example of a retailer who touched the heights because of its unique and innovative approaches in its logistics. It kept customer satisfaction as a priority and goal. Based on the customer needs and the feedback he gives, it continuously made changes to its supply chain models. When it comes to delivering world-class logistics services, Advatix is the best company to be partnered with. The company offers an extensive range of services at the lowest cost and guarantees exceptional results.


Another strategy which made Amazon stand out from its competitors is the effective use of information technology in its retail supply chain. It has taken the risk of using automated mobile robots in its inventory which was a success. It drastically increased the productivity of the company. Recently Amazon has introduced drones for home delivery needless to say it was innovative and meaningful. But they are not fully functional yet and the company is working towards making it one.


As technology is an important part of its practice, today Amazon is delivering its products faster than any of its competitors. It has even entered the grocery business last year and doing well, there too. As whole foods cannot be stored for long, so the company has changed its strategies according to the need. From a book store to one of the leading retailers, Logistics in Amazon has witnessed a long journey of innovations. Advatix is one of the supply chain and logistics experts who are following the footsteps of the Amazon.


Advatix, an expert company offering Supply Chain Management Solutions

Logistics and Supply Chain Management plan, execute the effectual forward and reverse flow and storage of goods. The phrases Logistics and Supply Chain Management today are applied in an exchangeable manner, and there is only a remote difference between them. In simple language, logistics is a connection between the manufacturing and marketing of a company. This coordination helps the company to reduce the overall costs. The conventional association looked at them as separate, but because of the dependence of Logistics and Supply Chain Management on each other, it is more suitable to view them apart from one another.


Advatix is a well-established company that has specialized in Supply Chain Management Solutions, and we have contributed to the continued transformation and advancement to suit the growing requirements of the global supply chain. Advatix offers the best Retail Supply Chain. We are a team of efficient professionals, who have mastered the skill of Retail Supply Chain, with years of experience we have acquired for ourselves a name in the retail world.


The retail supply chain is an undertaking where a company is able to get its commodity to its consumers. It consists, entirety starting from acquiring the raw product to producing the product and also to hand over the product to the consumer.  This is a way which helps you to advance the process and also increase the speed and proficiency. You can trust us for quality Retail Supply Chain services. Supply Chain Management Solutions is key for making of a product right from the planning to the finish and the delivery. 

Logistics and Supply Chain Management strategy to ensure you a profitable business

Advatix is a renowned logistics and supply chain management company that aims at transforming the client’s operating models and assist them to be a leader in the market. It offers effective solutions with a perfect blend of technology innovation, rapid change management and constant process improvement.


Advatix finds innovative ways of automating and managing the different aspects of supply chain management. Keeping into account the consumer’s demands, the executive team helps you in optimizing your supply chain.

The team handles cost estimation, design, partner selection, negotiations and final implementation of the strategy. The different aspects of supply chain managed by the lead logistics provider are third-party logistics, transportation company, warehouses, and retail supply chain. The major services offered by this company include integration of supply chain technology, optimizing transportation operations, managing distribution works, coordination with the suppliers and synchronization of outbound and inbound logistic flow.


Keeping the supply chain strong indeed requires long term planning and appropriate approach. Hence, Advatix assists you in overcoming the supply chain challenges and obstacles, and develop effective retail and wholesale supply chain design. This company offers custom models that are specifically built to suit your business environment. Latest models and tools are used for designing the supply chain that tackles the major challenges and obstacles that are encountered. 


Amazon Supply Chain Strategy involves innovation and integration of the product with the supply chain, along with short term and long term business objectives. The executive team aims at developing realistic solutions that ensure the reduction in cost, measurable improvements, efficiency, and effective management.


Lessons from Amazon’s logistics services

If you have ever ordered a product from Amazon, you will agree to the fact that nobody can beat their quality and quick delivery time. Amazon ensures that the consumers are satisfied with the quality and their fulfillment time. A lot goes behind the Amazon supply chain process and many companies have tried to take tips from their successful supply chain. Amazon is one of the top e-commerce companies in the world and it has reached there with a lot of contribution from the logistics team. With Amazon Fresh, they deliver fresh products and groceries at your doorstep within 24 hours.  There is a special requirement of storage and handling of these products and Amazon Fresh logistics services have managed to do the same with ease.


They offer value for money and are always striving to reduce fulfillment time. With their efficient services, they want to ensure that the consumers shop with convenience and have the products exactly when they are in need of it. Many e-commerce companies can take lessons from logistics and supply chain management of Amazon. Advatix is a supply chain expert that offers customized supply chain solutions to different businesses across the industry. They cater to every size and type of client and offer cost-effective solutions that can be easily integrated into your business vertical. The experts have worked with numerous clients in the past and have managed to align their logistics strategy with their long term financial goals.

Growing awareness of omnichannel marketing

Consumers are increasingly aware of the type of products and services they seek. They tend to research websites and read reviews before making a decision to purchase a product. In order to meet the changing demand of the consumers, businesses have adopted omnichannel marketing that offers a unique way of engaging with the consumers. E-commerce companies build an omnichannel supply chain that helps increase the awareness of the product and connects with the consumers through multiple platforms, which include social media.


When you make purchases from Amazon.com, you might consider it to be a quick and easy process. But it is actually a complex process that gets initiated right after an order is placed. The Amazon logistics department has to ensure that your products reach you on time; they pick up the product from the warehouse and deliver it to the logistics partner who then ensures its timely delivery at your doorstep. This could not have been possible without a strong supply chain management system. Every business requires logistics management in order to meet the demands of the consumers and to take the business to the next level. The Amazon supply chain management has a strong team of professionals who are constantly on their feet in order to ensure quick delivery of the products. Advatix helps integrate supply chain into your business and will help your business scale new heights. Their supply chain experts offer guidance to a number of companies so that they can integrate the supply chain into their existing business verticals.